Locally Made Functional Awnings in Forster

Take control of the heat and light
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Locally Made Functional Awnings in Forster

Take control of the heat and light
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Creating a stylish atmosphere outdoors is as important as a comfortable interior. Outdoor awnings can block out the sun, glare or simply add UV protection to your flooring and furniture. External blinds and awnings are the solution to looking good on the outside. Elegant Blinds & Awnings has your outdoors covered. Our awnings and external blinds fit windows of all shapes and sizes which doesn’t restrict your view either.


We service residential and commercial clients across Forster, Gloucester and Taree!

Make the most of your entertainment area with a stylish and practical awning from Elegant Blinds & Awnings. Manufactured at our Forster factory, our awnings provide shade and shelter all year around. We use quality materials to manufacture beautiful, practical awnings that will stand up our extreme Australian climate.

Automatic Awnings

Automatic Awnings are also called “Auto Roll up Awnings” (spring loaded) window awnings have been around for as long as the sun has been shining on our homes. Automatic Awnings are the perfect choice for close fitting to windows on the ground floor or onto a balcony due to its minimal projection.

The close-fitting design of the versatile and attractive Automatic Awning makes it an excellent choice for ground floor windows, offering the benefits of optimum privacy and sun protection. Easy function, self-locking arms enable simple shade adjustment, and when the sun goes down, the awning may be rolled away neatly into the head box.

The awning hood is available in a range of colours to allow for design integration with the exterior of your home and also assists in the protection of the fabric from the weather when not in use. A large variety of fabrics and colours to choose from.

Straight Drop Awnings

Designed for outdoor entertaining areas, Straight Drop Awnings are ideal for enclosing your balcony or pergola for relaxing shade and total privacy. Straight Drop Awnings are attached by bungee cords or stainless-steel clips to the floor or handrail.

Internal Tape Control Awnings

Tape Control Awnings are ideal for shading a huge variety of windows. Tape Control Awnings shade the window yet allow the air to flow around it which makes them ideal for those hard to reach windows. They can be operated internally or externally via cord lock, winch or motor. They are ideal for high level or second storey buildings as you can still operate them from the inside.

Folding Arm Awnings

Our folding arm awnings are cantilevered out from the wall so one is able to walk around underneath the awning without walking into the arms and no intrusive posts. When the awning is retracted the space is free of any structure. Choose from various different styles of our Folding Arm Awning range.

Awning Recover/Re skins Only

Folding arm awnings are ideal as a roll away cover for a patio, deck, balcony or commercial applications such as restaurants. With a folding arm awning you can create an outdoor room that protects against the sun or light rain.
In folding arm awnings the arms fold horizontally instead of vertically as in other awnings.

Caribbean Aluminium Awnings

Caribbean Awnings are an aluminium awning style with panels in a vertical direction. They are waterproof, available in a wide range of colours, either with or without posts supports, making it a versatile option for covering anything from a small window or doorway, to a large terrace area.

Wire Guide Awnings

Wire guide awnings are supplied with the top roller to roll up the material. The bottom bar is connected to two stainless steel tension wire guides, allows the material to move up and down along the wire guides. A strong, practical and simple system with heavy duty geared crank handle operation.

Features and Benefits


Add space for entertainment.

Add beauty and add value to your home’s market value.
Reduce energy costs.
Protect your home from the Sun’s UV rays, rain, or hail.